At we pride ourselves in helping you. Our professional staff has reviewed the departments of health and social services in most states, as well as the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), and the Social Security Administration (SSA) in connection with determining how our products affect eligibility for Medicaid/SSI benefits. We have helped thousands of families that have contacted our offices looking for solutions.


Planning ahead will save you thousands of dollars and give your family peace of mind!

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"Planning ahead will save you thousands of dollars and give your family peace of mind!"

Since 1981 our staff has been assisting families across America. When applying for DSHS assistance (Nursing Home Care) all funds placed in our irrevocable plan does not count as an asset against you. Many individuals may have more then $2000.00 in cash assets when applying for Medicaid assistance (DSHS). If the excess funds over $2000.00 are placed with our irrevocable trust this excess is protected to pay for final expenses in the future. (Protection for the client and their families).

Transfer of asset rule:


Medicaid regulations restrict an applicant or recipient from transferring, giving away, or assigning assets in order to become eligible for benefits. The value of the transfer will be counted as a resource and may result in a period of ineligibility.


The use of an irrevocable assignment of policy ownership allows the transfer because there is adequate consideration. Adequate consideration is a legal concept requiring the applicant or recipient to receive something of equal value for the property transferred or assigned.


With Purple Cross final expense plans the Medicaid/SSI applicant or recipient receives something of value by pre-planning with Purple Cross in return for the irrevocable assignment of the ownership of the life insurance policy.


In general, your state provides that the value of the prearranged final expense agreement and the life insurance policy are excluded as a countable resource in determining eligibility if an irrevocable assignment of policy ownership has been executed.


When you contact our office our staff will provide you with detailed information and answer all your questions. There are no fees and our assistance to you is free.  Call 1-800-883-5090


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Medicaid/SSI guidelines.....


At we pride ourselves in helping you. Our professional staff has reviewed the departments of health and social services in most states, as well as the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), and the Social Security Administration (SSA) in connection with determining how our products affect eligibility for Medicaid/SSI benefits. We have helped thousands of families that have contacted our offices looking for solutions.






Question: How long has your office been helping families with this process?

Answer: Since 1981


Question: When we call the 800 number 800-883-5090 your staff answers as Purple Cross. Why is this?

Answer: Our office manages the Purple Cross Plans for the United States. Purple Cross has helped over 500,000 families plan for Final Expenses as well as Funeral and Cremation expenses. Thousands of these families called our office to help them qualify for DSHS assistance (Medicaid spend downs for a loved one)


Question: Is there a dollar limit to what we can set aside and still qualify for Medicaid Assistance?

Answer: No reasonable amount is refused. However, our office places a limit of $25,000.00


Question: Can we set aside money to pay for travel related expenses of family members for the funeral or cremation services of our loved one?

Answer: Yes. Travel expenses including airfare, lodging, meals and etc. are allowed.


Question: Are there any charges for the services you provide?

Answer: No


Question: After contacting your office, how long does it take for you to prepare the paper work we will need to present to DSHS?

Answer: The process at our office is very simple and fast. We can prepare the documents you will need within 24 hours of your call.



WAC 182-512-0500.....


SSI-related medical—Burial funds, contracts and spaces excluded as resources.


(1) For the purposes of this section, burial funds are funds set aside and clearly designated solely for burial and related expenses and kept separate from all other resources not intended for burial. These include:

(a) Revocable burial contracts;

(b) Revocable burial trusts;

(c) Installment contracts for purchase of a burial space on which payments are still owing;

(d) Other revocable burial arrangements. The designation is effective the first day of the month in which the person intended the funds to be set aside for burial.

(2) The following burial funds are excluded as resources for the client and spouse up to fifteen hundred dollars each when set aside solely for the expenses of burial or cremation and expenses related to the burial or cremation, and the funds are either:

(a) An installment contract for purchase of a burial space that is not yet paid in full; or

(b) In a revocable burial contract, burial trust, cash accounts, or other financial instrument with a definite cash value.

(3) Interest earned in burial funds and appreciation in the value of excluded burial arrangements in subsection (2)(a) and (b) above are excluded from resources and are not counted as income if left to accumulate and become part of the separate burial fund.

(4) The fifteen hundred dollar exclusion for burial funds described in subsection (2) above is reduced by:

(a) The face value of life insurance with CSV excluded in WAC 388-475-0450; and

(b) Amounts in an irrevocable burial trust, or other irrevocable arrangement available to meet burial expenses, or burial space purchase agreement installment contracts on which money is still owing. If these reductions bring the balance of the available exclusion to zero, no additional funds can be excluded as burial funds.

(5) An irrevocable burial account, burial trust, or other irrevocable burial arrangement, set aside solely for burial and related expenses is not considered a resource. The amount set aside must be reasonably related to the anticipated death-related expenses in order to be excluded.

(6) A client's burial funds are no longer excluded when they are mixed with other resources that are not related to burial.

(7) When excluded burial funds are spent for other purposes, the spent amount is added to other countable resources and any amount exceeding the resource limit is considered available income on the first of the month it is used. The amount remaining in the burial fund remains excluded.

(8) Burial space and accessories for the client and any member of the client's immediate family described in subsection (9) of this section are excluded. Burial space and accessories include:

(a) Conventional gravesites;

(b) Crypts, niches, and mausoleums;

(c) Urns, caskets and other repositories customarily used for the remains of deceased persons;

(d) Necessary and reasonable improvements to the burial space including, but not limited to:

(i) Vaults and burial containers;

(ii) Headstones, markers and plaques;

(iii) Arrangements for the opening and closing of the gravesite; and

(iv) Contracts for care and maintenance of the gravesite.

(e) A burial space purchase agreement that is currently paid for and owned by the client is also defined as a burial space. The entire value of the purchase agreement is excluded; as well as any interest accrued, which is left to accumulate as part of the value of the agreement. The value of this agreement does not reduce the amount of burial fund exclusion available to the client.

(9) Immediate family, for the purposes of subsection (8) of this section includes the client's:

(a) Spouse;

(b) Parents and adoptive parents;

(c) Minor and adult children, including adoptive and stepchildren;

(d) Siblings (brothers and sisters), including adoptive and stepsiblings;

(e) Spouses of any of the above.

None of the family members listed above, need to be dependent on or living with the client, to be considered immediate family members.







Testimonials  |  What Others Are Saying About Us

"Thanks for your help in helping our father qualify for Medicaid."

We were told by a state worker that the limit we could set aside was $1,500.00. This amount would not cover the final expenses for our father. When we contacted your office you made it very easy for us and we were able to set aside all the money needed to provide for our fathers wishes.

Thanks again. - Mark... Spokane WA.


"Thank you for helping our family."

We did not understand the process for setting aside funds for our mother. All we knew is that we were not able to qualify mom for DSHS benefits because she had more then $2,000.00 in assets. Your office was able to help us place her excess funds in an irrevocable trust account and qualify for mom's nursing home care. We are very grateful for your help that you provided to us a no cost.

Sincerely,  - Betty... Tri-Cities



"Your assistance has been a blessing."

We were under the impression that we could only set aside $1,500.00 from my brothers savings account when applying for assistance with DSHS for nursing home care. Your help to our family to set aside a more reasonable amount of money was wonderful. Our brother was able to qualify for nursing home care and have the funds set aside for all his final expenses. Thank you again. - Joanne.... Seattle


"My wife and I are grateful for all your help."

We were not sure what to do about spending down the assets of my father so he could qualify for nursing home care. The state of Washington DSHS did not allow father to have more then $2,000.00 in his account and still qualify for assistance. As you know dad had more then what is allowed. You were able to help us set up an account for the excess funds and still qualify for state assistance.  We are very grateful.

 - Carl... Tacoma


"Thank you for what you have done to help my brother qualify for DSHS assistance."

We were referred to you by a guardianship that has used your services in the past. You made it possible for us to set aside the excess funds in his account before they were gone due to private care nursing home expense. Thanks you again. We will be telling our friends about your service. - Ray..... Everett, WA



"When we called your office we were surprised that a real person answered the phone."

Thank you for your help & understanding during this stressful time for our family. As you know our son has become disabled & you were able to assist us in helping him qualify for state assistance by setting aside funds for his final expenses. You made it very easy for us & we thank you. - Janet & Bob..... Centralia, WA


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